Posted on Wed 14 August 2013

My Movies: Basic Interface and Github Repository


I’ve finally been able to spend some time developing on My Movies. For the moment the basic interface is done, and I’m focusing on finishing up the user’s lists. The bulk of the work here involved figuring out what QT components I needed for the layout, and getting accustomed to QT/QML.

A slight change from the wireframes was needed since it was pointed out that placing Tabs in a PageStack the way I was planning on doing things breaks the Ubuntu design philosophy:

We don’t combine flat with deep navigation in the same view. When we need to use deep navigation, for example when the user taps on a piece of content from a tabbed view, the header will update to represent the new view.

The page stack (deep navigation) makes use of a back button which, when combined with tabs (flat navigation) in the same view, could be misinterpreted as another method for navigating between tabs.


My Movies screen [the first screen the user sees when the app loads] with tab bar at the top and menu list below:

My Movies

All Movies screen with active tab bar showing the Search and Settings tabs:

All Movies

Collection screen with movie list containing icon/title/year:


Toolbar opened in the Collection screen with the sort options popped open showing ValueSelector for Sort By and Sort Order:

Sort Toolbar


Here’s what it looks like with a quick background gradient selected.


Unfortunately until this bug in the sdk is sorted I’ll have to keep this code commented out.

Tab header collides with pagestack header while using background gradients in mainview


In the next installment I should have a database backend for storing the movies and their details built with U1DB. For the moment I’ll be generating the data myself, but eventually it should be replaced with data pulled from the rottentomatoes API.

Source Code

The source code is now available at this github repository. Feel free to browse/fork/play and come back with your feedback and comments!

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